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Who Am I?

Might I just say, YOU have great taste, and a happy welcome to you! I'm so glad you stopped by. That means you are exploring the wonderful world of photography and have a need for someone like me!

I've been happily behind the camera for 9 years now, and there hasn't been too many moments I haven't loved. In a special kind of way, I like to think I'm a wee bit of a Historian. Knowing that everytime I pretty the shutter button, I'm capturing someone at a very precise moment in their life is beyond special to me.

I want to know who you are - at that very moment, and that's the story I want the photos to tell when you look back on them down the road.

We all know life goes by far, far to quickly. Having photos to look back upon brings back memories of a time, a place, sounds and smells. Remembering the look in someone's eyes when they smile or laugh or even cry is priceless.

Let's connect, and capture your 'here & now'. No matter the stage you might be at in your life, there is always a reason to remember the most important thing - YOU!

I can't wait to hear from you, and get to know you better.

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I want to hear all about you! Reach out anytime to discuss your needs, check for availability, packages and to set up a get together!

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