Adorable Sitter Milestone Session

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Today I present to you such a sweet and adorable Sitter session with just the cutest little gal… It was a bit different than some of my sitter sessions because Mum requested a milk bath as part of her session. We went for a more minimalist style with pretty greenery and florals and what is literally my most favourite sitter outfit in my whole collection! It all came together wonderfully. The nice thing about my studio in Kitchener/Waterloo is how big it is and also how incredibly stocked it is with props and decor. It all gets used and comes in handy for various sessions throughout the year! I might have *somewhat* of a problem as I am always shopping and adding to my already massive collection. You don’t want to know what I’ve bought in the last week alone!

The “Sitter” session has been growing in popularity, which makes me SO happy. When little ones reach this awesome milestone, usually walking is not too far in the distance! It’s really incredible how much they grow and change in their first year. Sitter sessions are usually done in-between a Newborn Session and a 1st Birthday ‘Cake Smash’ session. It’s an awesome way to show off how much they have grown since their Newborn session. For my Sitter sessions, I love having baby into the studio for photos when they have been sitting up strongly, and unassisted for 3-4 weeks. They are full of smiles, and still so much a baby at this stage. By the time the 1st birthday hits, you can start to see signs of maturity and even more growth. I know they will be your baby forever, but before long…. you will have a toddler! lol (or like me, a teenager!) Time flies way too fast, thats for sure!

If your wee babe will soon be sitting and you’d like to book a Sitter session with me, I’d love to plan the perfect shoot together and catch all the memories from this super-sweet stage. Reach out anytime!

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