The Twins are TWO! A Sesame Street Birthday Celebration

Friday, February 26, 2021

It doesn’t feel like 2 years have passed since I had these sweet treats in the studio for their newborn session, but the Covid happened and time started passing in a strange and weird way. Lol And yes, they are in fact 2 now! This was another fun set to put together. Sesame Street was and is such a special part of so many childhoods, and it’s a theme I’ve done a handful of times. There is something so cheerful with all the bright colours that make it fun to look at and even more fun to photograph!

For this session, we opted to go with cookies, because who wouldn’t be excited to have a massive stack of cookies all to themselves, or better yet – to share with your twin! Mom surprised the babes with some well known characters we all love from the famous show and they were positively thrilled!

Photographing kiddos around the age of 2 all the way to 3 years can be a bit tricky sometimes. These little people have a lot of their own ideas, with developed preferences, opinions and big emotions! But these two came in and were ready to get down to business and have some fun celebrating! Dare I say, maybe some of the most agreeable two year olds I have photographed to date! I just loved my time with them. It’s so great to see who these 2 awesome kiddos are turning into along with their distinct, unique personality and character they each have. They are so cute, so smart and just delicious little babes! I wanted to snuggle and squeeze them the whole time!

I loved that we started with the Sesame Street theme backdrop and then moved to a minimalist backdrop for some simple portraits to capture their true personalities at the magical age of 2. Little ones change SO fast and SO much during the first couple years so it’s always fun to go back to these photos and marvel at who they’ve become in such a short time.

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