Kitchener 4 month milestone session with baby Riley

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Another special blog today with some very special people to me. I met them several years ago when I was photographing weddings, and have been fortunate to call them friends ever since. They’ve graciously spent a lot of time with me in front of my camera through a lot of big life changing events, and it’s been an honour to watch them grow through each big change. We photographed their engagement session, their amazing wedding day, their maternity photos and then… the pandemic hit. Sadness. They are one of the countless families who unfortunately missed the opportunity to have their precious baby photographed as a newborn. Due to lock downs, we had to wait for photographers to be allowed to reopen. It was torture for all of us! I was only able to see glimpses of this adorable baby boy through photos Mum posted on socials and sent me. I don’t know who was more excited for this session! Me or Mum and Dad!

4 long months later, the day arrived that I was finally going to meet this little hunk and it couldn’t have been more magical…. This little bubba has cheeks for DAYS. Delicious little chubby cheeks that I wish I could have munched on. He has such an awesome little personality, beautiful bright eyes and the sweetest smile. You can tell how much he loves his Mum and Dad, and equally, they are completely in love with him!

This session really reminded me how valuable photo sessions are varying times of babies first year truly are. The newborn stage goes by so quickly, followed by this awesome stage of development! Day by day they are growing and getting stronger, more personality and character is popping up. I like to call these sessions the “Smile Sessions’, because babies are full of smiles at this point. They’re so happy-go-lucky and it’s a lot of fun. From this stage to the “Sitter” stage, even more changes will happen and come the first birthday milestone, you can already see a bit less “baby” and more and more hints of “toddler-town”. I love each stage so much because of how different they each are. But one thing that is the same for all of these sessions during the first year…. the memories we make are wonderful. Priceless. I can’t think of a nicer way of documenting such beautiful memories of baby’s first year and all the details each stage holds.

I couldn’t feel more blessed to follow people’s journey through life and capture them at all stages and phases. It really is a gift and an honour.



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