A beautiful Mommy and Me session

Monday, May 3, 2021

As new parents, there is probably at least one person a day telling you “they grow up fast”, and while it’s true, someone needs to retire that phrase. lol In my job, I constantly have moments of disbelief when I get to see you and your kiddos again, and your sweet babes have grown so much in what seems like such a short time!

Well, that was me for this session in particular, especially since it feels like I literally photographed this pretty Mama’s maternity photos last month. But in fact it was not last month! Turns out it was 4 months ago and I’m in denial at how the concept of time works.

I finally got to meet her sweet prince and boy-oh-boy, sweet he was. I mean, he is completely beautiful but SUCH a nice guy. He has the best little personality on him already and I was obsessed.

The 4 month mark is another really fun age to photograph after the newborn session. They’ve grown so much already and gotten so much stronger. They are sometimes rocking tummy time and occasionally are even rolling over! Big, bright, curious eyes and smiles for days are a huge perk at this age.

If you’re a fan of photos and documenting life, the early Newborn days, the 4 month stage, the sitter stage and the 1st birthday milestone are perfect ages to capture during the first year. Each one is so unique and special in their development and personality and tells an amazing story when you look at them side by side.

Mama asked for some breastfeeding photos, which is often a pretty special time between babe and Mum. I like these photos as a way to remember everything that goes into the breastfeeding journey. It’s often an emotional discovery period in those first few days after birth, the sleepy late night/middle of the night feeds, the bonding moments, and memorizing every detail of your sweet babes face in those quiet moments…. Just so precious.

Since I like the studio to have dimmed lighting and quiet ambient music, it put this little man to sleep for a quick cat-nap (Mum is just too snuggly and he couldn’t resist!) It gave Mum and I the opportunity to chit chat over a Starbucks. (my fav!) I loved my time with them both and am excited to watch this perfect little guy grow. Next session – Sitter! woot! Here is a little sampling of my time with these two!

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