Cake Smash celebration with TWINS!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you’ll know that I definitely love all the different kinds of sessions I do, and for various reasons…. They’re all so uniquely different from one another which keeps things fresh and interesting!

Cake Smashes are an absolute hoot. It’s like we are having a private party, celebrating a whole year of awesomness! When I have the opportunity to photograph a cake smash with TWINS , I get pretty excited because, y’know…. “double the fun!”

When Mum reached out to me, I was thrilled with a few things, firstly A TWINS CAKE SMASH, but secondly, she reached out a few months in advance, which was awesome. This gave us time to chat and discuss the creative direction for the session, and select the theme and styling. It helped that she already had a vision in mind for this shoot. I had plenty of time to hunt and gather two matching outfits and matching accessories, plan 2 cakes, two bubble baths and really firm up the direction it was all going to take.

I’m definitely not saying months in advance is needed to plan a solid cake-smash session, but with these two little darlings, I really wanted to go all out and make it perfect. Usually 2-4 weeks prior to plenty to plan a session, especially if I am sourcing new backdrops or coordination wardrobe to match.

It was all hands on deck on the day of our session, with both Mum and Dad there to help. I really loved working with this family. It felt really calm, with so much happiness celebrating the occasion and individuality of each sibling! This family gets a gold medal for zen-ness. They’re a beautiful family of 5, and while I would likely feel like a headless chicken with my hands full, they make it look as smooth as a ballet! Major kudos to these rockstar parents!

The session went perfectly from the portraits, to the cake smashing, all the way to the bubble bath (tsunami). I usually deliver galleries that are quite large, but this gallery was MASSIVE. lol Sometimes it’s just way too hard to narrow down the image selections, and my rule of thumb is, if it’s cute as heck, I will absolutely deliver it.

In the end, I was beyond thrilled with the entire experience, as was this awesome family. Here is a collection of moments from our time together!

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