Kitchener Waterloo Family Summer Photo Session

Monday, June 7, 2021

Let’s talk about Family sessions. Once we are firmly nestled into Spring, I start getting excited, because I know that evenings spent in the warm fresh air and sunlight are in my horizon. I love my time with my clients, the brief look into your life, and the gift of seeing you together with your most treasured loves. I often refer to many of my sessions as ‘Bucket Fillers’, because of the joy, the sense of lightness and love that I feel after my time with you. They feed my soul and I always hope that clients leave feeling uplifted, stress-free and maybe with a little feeling of “wow, that went really well and was so easy”. That’s only part of the gift that is capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments; the other part is hearing back from you after I have delivered your collection and reading “This is SO us, you just captured who we are exactly”.

I’ve always felt blessed to have found a place for myself in the world as a photographer – I’m not entirely sure where else I would fit as well. It’s not lost on me the honour of being the one you ask to capture these moments in time, and it’s my hope these photos become apart of your legacy.

My overall outlook on many of my sessions is this:

The photos I capture are created with absolute love and from my heart and soul. I am only temporarily creating images for you, but mostly for those who you will pass these memories onto in the future. I know with certainty I have completely rocked a Family photo session when the images I deliver evoke emotion. This is who you are right now, in this place in the world. You couldn’t be more perfect in this moment. When you come to me with an open heart, and the trust to create for you, I promise only magic will happen.

What am I looking for when I click the shutter? Show me this: I want to see the light shining in your eyes, the pretty and perfect wrinkles from a soul-smile. Can you hear the voice when you look at the photo? Hear the sounds of laughter? Do you remember the feeling of true love in that moment? As an emotion-based photographer, the most fulfilling images I create are the ones you can feel.

Here are some images from a pretty amazing family I spent time with recently. Everything about this session was perfect. And when I say that it’s coming from an emotion-based perspective. I try and come to sessions with the vibe that we are just having a little hang out session and we will see what happens along the way. I find people are more relaxed like this, rather than coming with a sense of “we must accomplish the thing”. It keeps things light and organic. I definitely guide and make suggestions along the way, and would never expect anyone to just ‘know’ how to pose. I’m always with you from start to finish, and I just know we are going to do great things together.

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