Sitter Milestone Session with Vincent!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

At long last Ontario can reopen, more specifically the Region of Waterloo, which is where I happen to live. It was a loooong haul, as any of our awesome citizens will attest to. But we are back and embracing a bit of freedom in life again!! I couldn’t be happier, and I know so many small business owners are thrilled too. With this reopening, came a flood of photoshoots which had been previously rescheduled and postponed since the lockdown!

One of my very first sessions back was with this little smartie pants. I was instantly smitten with his adorable personality and charming good looks. It was our first time meeting, and while both his parents and I were sad that he wasn’t able to have his newborn photos done due to the lockdowns, we were all pretty excited to jump into this fun session! And he did amazingly. Sometimes babies born within Covid might be a little apprehensive of new places and faces, but not this little man! He was happy as pie and as curious as can be. Here is a nice little sampling of some of my favs during my time with him!

Sitter or ‘Milestone’ sessions are absolutely awesome. It’s a stage where little one is still very much a baby, but so much development has taken place that there is lots to document before their biggest 1st year milestone – the Cake Smash. The changes that will inevitably take place between the sitting stage and babes first birthday happen fast. In the blink of an eye, the adorable little baby features start to mature a little, they could go from ‘scootching’ or crawling to walking (or running!) and most certainly, you’ll see their little brains working hard, learning and taking everything in. It really is something special to watch, and even more special to document through photos.

I love living in an era where photography is valued and the love of capturing sweet memories in the most creative ways is just a normal part of life! It really goes a long way in telling the story of life, and most certainly, many years down the road the images will be looked back on with love and appreciation.

The perfect trifecta of photo sessions for documenting the first year of life is sweet and simple – the Newborn session, the Sitter session, and to put a cherry on top of it all – the Cake Smash! I’ve created the best packages so you don’t miss a thing.

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