Glorious Kitchener Summer Mommy & Me Photos

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

I know I’m not the only one in Ontario right now who’s heart is screaming, “I don’t want the Summer to end!!!” but sadly, it’s coming. The seasons will soon shift into a new backdrop of colour and temperatures will remind us we are indeed Canadian. But for me, Summer nights will live on in my heart and get me through the blistery cold of Winter which is not too far off in the distance. Sessions like this one help keep the memory alive of a perfect Summer.

It was an absolutely glorious night. The weather was hot as we were going through a crazy heat wave with intense humidity here in Kitchener, but even still, it was happy times spent with Katie and Nav and their 3 perfect babes making beautiful summer memories. Nights like these with people like them are what I live for as a photographer. Utter contentment. I swear this family has some kind of magical power because every time I see them, I leave feeling so uplifted and with a full and happy heart. It truly was the perfect end to a busy week. It’s nothing short of a gift to lose myself in the moment, their beauty and their love together as a family. I felt like I fell into some kind of love trance! lol They are all just so at ease… there is an incredible sense of them all feeling really natural and comfortable in front of the camera, which is a beautiful gift for any photographer.

Y’know when you feel like your soul connects with someone? Yeah… it was like that but with the whole family. I haven’t known them for long, but it feels like it’s been a comfortable friendship that’s been around for ages. For hours after I got home I just had the greatest feeling of happiness and satisfaction. I even said to my husband that it was a night I didn’t want to forget. Nights like these are what summer memories are made of and I know that’s this will definitely be one of the standout memories of my 2021 summer.

This session was originally booked as a Mommy and Me session; a gift to Katie from her husband. She wanted special memories with her 3 girls and that we definitely did, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to add Dad in for at least a few photos while all the ladies were all dolled up so nice and while we were in photo mode. It was seamless and perfect! Photographing the girls at this precious stage made my heart sing. I know that by the time next summer rolls around, the little ones will almost be different little girls, and their big sister will also have grown but matured as well.

I present to you this glorious Summer evening – one that will shine brightly in my heart when I reflect on the Summer of 2021. Enjoy – and Katie & Nav… Thank you for blessing me.

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