Kitchener Waterloo Strawberry Cake Smash!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Southwestern Ontario offers some of Canada’s greatest and bountiful farm land, and in the height of Summer, there are tonnes of people taking advantage of strolls through the colourful farmer’s market on beautiful sunny days. When planning her daughter’s Cake Smash celebration, Mum brought up the idea of having a Strawberry theme, which got me really excited because I hadn’t done this one yet! Strawberries are definitely one of Ontario’s best offerings in the summer, not to mention delicious fresh and juicy!

From the moment Mum said the word “strawberry”, I just knew exactly how I wanted this to look! From the outfit to the backdrop and setting it all up with cute props to match, it was so much fun. I love how it all came together so perfectly, but it really was this sweet little darling who made it extra special.  After she enjoyed her tasty cake, we finished off with a little bath complete with strawberries floating at the top, and I can say with certainty that we made some awesome milestone memories for her on this day.  Happy Birthday big girl!! You have so many wonderful adventures ahead of you!  I hope I will have the opportunity to use this set again because it’s just too cute.

Brainstorming, and exchanging ideas with parents while in the early stages of planning the perfect birthday session is something I absolutely live for! There is no limit on creativity, and once the seed has been planted, and a design or theme has been decided on, away I go! I love that my clients trust me with an idea and just let me run with ideas when putting together a custom set design for their little one. Truly, I’m blessed to have such an amazing clientele with the cutest little ones who count on me to make it perfect for them. The ability to create something special that they’ll be able to look back on for years to come means the world to me.

Here is a little preview of what this doll’s Strawberry Cake Smash looks like!

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