Incredible Rey’s Sitter Session!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The season’s are shifting here in Southwestern Ontario! In Kitchener/Waterloo we have gone from one extreme of heat to almost sweater-weather! I know this brings a lot of people joy, but for me and many other parents, it means adjusting to new schedules and routines after enjoying a slower pace of life during the Summer. I have to admit, even though my kids are older and I should be a seasoned vet at sliding back into work/school/life balance every September, I found the last week or so chaotic and exhausting, lol. I’m better now I promise!

However!! The shifting season means one special, glorious thing – the beautiful colours of Fall. And with that, incorporating those lovely rich colours into as many studio sessions as I can which is just what I did for this special session!

This sweet boy completely missed out on the opportunity to have his Newborn photos taken due to a little thing called “the pandemic”. I was positively itching to meet this little fellow, and he did not disappoint! Named after his papa, the one colour request from Mum was blue, but I took the opportunity to sneak in some extra variety and embrace the browns and creams which turned out lovely.

I was instantly in love with him when he arrived at the studio, but what completely shocked me, and what I was not prepared for was how fast of a crawler he already is at just 6 months old!! He is so strong, already sitting up on his own, getting comfortable surfing furniture and crawling. He is also working on some teeth too! Mum is going to have her hands beyond full with this adorable boy when he skips walking and just starts full on running! lol

What a beautiful personality on him to match his beautiful, kissable face too. So easy going, smiles galore, but eyes only for his Momma! You can definitely tell that he is Momma’s little boyfriend and that they are besties.

Something that was a little special for me was that I was fortunate to have photographed some Maternity photos for Mum before this little man arrived, so I got to experience her prior to Motherhood, and then again, 6 months later, fully embracing and completely rocking motherhood to its fullest. All while going to school and managing all of life’s crazy chaos! She truly inspires and impressed me with how strong, determined and gracefully she manages. I promise you – I am not that person, and am always in complete awe when I meet Mum’s like her.

I am pleased and excited to show you some of my favourite images from my time with this little hunk of love, and I’m so glad we were able to capture this amazing milestone before he starts running marathons. 😉


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