Kitchener Race Car Cake Smash!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Y’all sure know how to keep a lady busy! I have been off my feet busy lately. The kind of busy that sees 8 sessions in a weekend, and 5 during the week kinda busy. And not just mini sessions’s either – like full blown FULL sessions! I have been preparing myself all Summer for this, because come the Fall season, things get crazy. But in a really good, fun way.

Sure enough, with Kitchener/Waterloo experiencing some cooler weather these past 2 weeks (and more rain), it has cued everyones’ internal alarm to book their Fall photos. I can hardly blame them – it’s a glorious time of year for it! What I love though is the perfect mix of beautiful outdoor sessions with families and the fun, unique ones in the studio. It keeps me sharp and has the creative juices flowing. And well holy dinah, do I have a fun, unique session to share with you today. This one was a gooder. And I mean like, super duper awesome, 10/10 would do it again. That’s my unofficial Yelp review btw.

There’s a few special things about this one, mainly that Mum and I are both from Saskatchewan, so that makes us kindred spirits. Officially. People from Saskatchewan are extra special, so kind and just basically lovely inside and out. That’s a fact. Leading up to the shoot, we had a lot of phone calls to discuss and plan the perfect session, and when she suggested a Race Car themed Cake Smash for her special little birthday boy, I was all in. I was actually kind of surprised I hadn’t received a request for this particular theme before, but after a bit of research, it had to be done. There was no turning back. I was fully invested in this epic backdrop and theme.

I gotta say, it really was planned to perfection and the stars aligned perfectly between getting the perfect outfit delivered for the shoot, AND making sure the backdrop arrived in time for the session. It literally arrived the day before which I have never experienced and was a bit nerve wracking. But sometimes the stars align and everything just works out so magically you just gotta pinch yourself.

Cue Cake Smash day…. In walks this beautiful, happy family who bring me the most gorgeous little man. I mean, he literally came in smiling at me! He sure knows how to make great first impressions, because I was basically in love with him from that moment on. 🙂 Cool note: Mum and Dad had custom “pit-crew” T-shirts made to match the race car theme of the session! Unreal, and way too awesome. Ugh. I just love details like those…. so fun and special.

We got ourselves settled and started in. Cake Smashes have a way of moving pretty fast, and they go even faster when you have a model who just basically hands you all the perfect faces and tons of different heart-warming expressions. Pretty much, could have just put the camera on a tripod. He did so, so amazingly. He rocked his portraits like a pro, made the most excellent, photo-worthy mess with his cake, and completely enjoyed his bubble bath. I don’t think he was very happy with me when bath time was over, but at the risk of drowning us all and flooding the business working on the floor beneath my studio, I’d say it went pretty excellent. I captured a ridiculous amount of photos. These are going to be the coolest memories for the whole family, but especially this gorgeous boy who can one day look back and see what an incredible boy he was, how small he was back then, and how much fun he had. Maybe one day he will race in the Formula 1, or the Indy 500. You just never know….

Anyhoo – I present to you a little need for speed, race car magic and a ton of smiles. A big shout out goes to Mum for planning so many perfect details, to her husband for having the same name as my son, and to this very special little birthday boy who stole my heart. Enjoy.

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