Kitchener Pink and Silver Onderland Cake Smash

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

It’s been a busy start to the new year so far, paired with one epic snow ‘event’ here in Kitchener Waterloo…. well actually all of Southern Ontario was hit pretty hard. But it felt like Winter happened all in one day with the amount of snow we got! It made for the perfect opportunity to do a Winter ‘Onederland’ cake smash session with a very special little lady.

I’ve said it before, but I’m pretty blessed to have really amazing clients/friends, and this family is no exception. Many moons ago when I was a wedding photographer, this couple invited me to travel with them to photograph their wedding in a sunny Caribbean land – somewhere that I know basically everyone wishes they could be these days. Anyone else missing travel?! Anyhoo, I’ve had the honour of photographing some pretty special life moments for them and watching them grow. We did a stunning maternity session, followed by their newborn photos once their baby girl arrived. There aren’t enough words to describe how special it is for me to be apart of so many precious moments, and having a small hand in creating the memories to look back on. A big, heartfelt thank you goes to her Mum and Dad, who are incredibly special and some of the kindest people ever, for letting me be a part of this journey.

What felt like the blink of an eye, their sweet little newborn baby girl has now grown into a pretty and perfect little 1 year old, and it was time to put the cherry on top of an incredible first year. The Cake Smash. Ahhhhh, how I do live for these sessions. Because she was born in the winter, it seemed fitting to go with a Winter themed session, and Mum chose pink and silver! Which is a nice change from pink and gold, which is a colour palette that I adore and hope never goes out of style, but on this day, pink and silver it was!

The day before our session, Mum and little princess came to the studio for a Meet and Greet. Even though we had spent plenty of time together prior to this, Covid and lockdowns has all these little babies living a bit of a different life than pre-Covid days, and it can be a bit daunting for little ones to come into the studio on the day of a session and have to dive right into it all. So the meet and greet visit is a nice way to familiarize the babes with the studio surroundings and explore a bit with no pressure. It’s usually a 20-30 minute get together, where parents and I visit, let baby wander and explore, get familiar with me, the studio lighting which I flash a few times so not to surprise them during their session, and let them become comfortable. That way, when they do come in for their session, they already know my face, the space and are most often very relaxed.

I assume the meet and greet paid off, because on shoot day, this little girl came in and delivered the performance of her lifetime. lol Like she had trained for this moment since she was born. I’d also like to mention that she has about one million different expressions and the faces she made positively had me squealing. My heart was bursting the entire session right along Mum and Dad’s.

The Cake Smash session is neat, because as we celebrate this special milestone for baby, parents themselves are also experiencing their very own first with their beautiful baby. It’s like they’re ‘levelling up’ in parenthood, lol. That’s pretty fun to be apart of.

She sailed through her portraits with nothing but smiles and this adorable little scowl-face she makes, and THEN IT WAS TIME FOR THE CAKE. Friends, I’ve lost count of how many cake smash sessions I’ve photographed, but this child – this Princess, this little actress…. she hands down ate more cake than I ever though possible for a 1 year old to eat. At one point, I was worried she would have a tummy ache later, because I don’t even know if I could handle that much cake. It was impressive. She loved it, let’s just say that. So many parents hope and dream that their little one will smash the heck out of their cake during their session, and to be honest, it just doesn’t always happen. Some pick at it a bit, some push it around, play in the icing. While others are simply not interested at all. Or, they don’t care for the feeling of icing on their hands, or even the sweetness. It’s always a guessing game with every little birthday babe – even when parents are super confident that their little one (who loves to eat) will destroy that cake!

Then it was time for the bubble bath We made sure to keep the cake close by so she could nibble at it a bit while she splashed around and made more adorable faces for us. Watching her enjoy it all was amazing. It’s almost like she knew we were there to celebrate her, and one thing I will tell you – her gallery was enormous. Like over the top huge. I delivered what was probably an unnecessary amount of photos, but there was no possible way of narrowing it down based purely on all the expressions she made, the fun she had and the celebration we enjoyed with this perfect little girl.

Here is a very large sampling of her session, which again I couldn’t narrow down because of her awesomeness.

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