Kitchener Newborn Session with Baby Mikayl

Monday, March 21, 2022

Well holy Dinah, do I have some catching up to do. While I’m in disbelief that Kitchener/Waterloo has somehow made it into Spring, I’m also grateful. It was a busy few months, topped with what felt like a never ending winter. I’m looking back into all the sessions I have in the queue for blogging and it brings back many happy memories. It also serves as a reminder how busy my winter actually was. This session was filled with beauty and still gives me the warm and fuzzies when I think back to it.

I photographed this stunning Momma to be’s Maternity photos late fall/early winter. Knowing I was going to photograph that little bundle when he arrived had me SO excited. That Maternity session was incredible by the way! Momma is absolutely stunning. Not only a dream to photograph, but she is equally gorgeous on the inside. I just love who she is. Totally chill, easy going and we had the best conversations too.  Photographing both the Maternity and Newborn sessions is always a special honour for me, and I really appreciate getting to know my clients during our time together. Most often, we feel more like friends by the time we’re all finished. The next time they come in, they’ve experienced a pretty big shift in their lives, and being a small part of that is a privilege.

Cue newborn session day: when this beautiful family arrived for their photos, they presented me not with a wee little bundle, but a little baby who was a whopping near 11 pounds!!  If memories serves, he would have been 18 days during his photos and was a healthy, perfect baby boy, not to mention absolutely breathtaking. For a split second, I was worried he wouldn’t fit in any of my newborn props or outfits! lol

I feel like I really connected with Momma during our Maternity session, and the newborn session wasn’t any different. It’s always so nice to feel like I’m hanging out with friends while I work. I can’t think of a nicer job to be honest. I get to snuggle tiny, precious babies all while creating photos that will surely become apart of their legacy one day and tell the story of their earliest moments.

This little bubba was a champion of champions during his session. He’s also a pretty special, and loved little man being an IVF baby. The journey of IVF can be a rollercoaster ride emotionally, and physically not just for Momma, but for partner also. But it’s also a beautiful journey towards a love so deep and rewarding. Baby boy is incredibly loved, and the family photos really show it. Big brother is 2 now, which can sometimes be a tricky age to photograph, especially when their little worlds have shifted with welcoming a new family member into their own life. But he did amazingly! I was thrilled with the sibling photo we captured of the two boys together, and how he even gave his little brother a few sweet kisses too.

I’m really excited to watch this gorgeous family grow, and especially baby Mikayl. When he is sitting on his own, I’ll welcome him back for my favourite session – the Sitter session! It’s just so sweet, with all the smiles, and bright eyes. The little personality shining through…. just too much cuteness and way too fun. It’s a nice stage to capture all the new growth leading up to the first birthday Cake Smash! I never want to wish time go faster, but a tiny part of me is excited to see who this beautiful little boy grows up to be.




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