Strawberry Sweetheart | Kitchener Waterloo Sitter Session |

Monday, April 18, 2022

It’s snowing here in Kitchener Waterloo!!! I can’t believe it. This winter felt like it hit hard, and I hoped and wished we were through it, but alas, here we are. The week after Easter and flurries galore… It was getting easier and easier to leave the house without being all bundled up. The scent of Spring was just a tease apparently. But I had the chance to force a little spring-time goodness in the studio with a super sweet ‘Strawberry’ themed session, for a super sweet little sitter.

It feels like I *just* photographed her newborn session mere weeks ago, and I don’t think I was quite prepared the amount of cuteness this little miss was packing. Oh. My. Goodness… call me obsessed because I was suppressing actual squeals throughout her whole visit. I mean come on girlie! How are you so adorable!? She’s absolutely perfect and I could have photographed her all day.

I was excited for this session for a few reasons; most importantly because of what close friends her Momma and Daddy have become over the last….. almost 10 years? I’ve followed their journey as they got married, journeyed into parenthood and watched them grow the amazing family they have become. In a way they’ve watched me grow too, which is kinda neat. It’s an incredible thing to be a part of, and a very special honour. The strawberry set turned out to be perfect for this little sweetheart. I always try to have matching or coordinating outfits in the studio to go along with some of my more themed sessions, and this outfit seemed to have been made for her! Setting this set up was so fun and it just came together so nicely, with fresh strawberries to tie it all together.

She has the dreamiest eyes, and a smile that lights up the whole world, and perfect little rolls. It’s a new world for these littles when they start sitting on their own. They get to see things from a brand new perspective. Their little minds are absorbing everything, while their curious little hands investigate all the new things they can reach. And usually it goes straight into the mouth. But this time it was a-okay, because who doesn’t love some fresh strawberries.

Her Momma actually messaged me about a week or so later with a video of her crawling! She has a big sister who is very likely motivating her to get moving so the two of them can do all the fun things sisters do. The first thing that came to mind when I saw that video was “oh baby girl, don’t grow up…. I’m not ready!” and if I am feeling that way, her Momma and Daddy must be feeling it a million times more. I’m scared to blink because before you know it, I’ll be posting her first year Cake Smash photos.

But for now, let’s just fawn over this dolly and all her perfection. I’m so happy we photographed this milestone. It’s one of my absolute favourites and such a nice segue from Newborn to Cake Smash. Sitter sessions will forever have all my love. Those twinkling eyes, big smiles and the wide wonder get me in the feels every. single. time.




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