Kitchener Waterloo Pretty Purple Vintage Cake Smash

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

1st Birthday celebration & the world’s happiest baby!?

I’ve got my face up to the sky these days! At long last Spring is here for realsies this time here in Southwestern Ontario. The sun feels soooo good. The windows are open and the breeze is delightful. I think we had about 5 false starts this Spring. I’ve been lucky though. Despite Mother Nature’s trickery a lot of the sessions I’ve had in studio have been bright, colourful and oh-so cheerful. Today I present to you a stunning Cake Smash session that I’m completely in love with for a multitude of reasons…. Let’s dig in.

Mum gave me full reign, selecting purple as the main colour to baby girls backdrop design. That means a custom set. And that also leaves the door wide open in terms of styling options. I love having phone calls with my clients to get to know each other before the big day. We chatted, brainstormed and shared some inspiration photos which really helps set the direction of style and vibe. I always get off the phone even more excited to meet in person, but also with a clear idea of how the whole set will look for the shoot.

Preparing for the session…

The day before our photoshoot, I invited Mum and birthday babe to the studio for what I call a ‘Meet and Greet’. It’s a play date which allows baby to acclimate to the studio environment (and me!). So when these cake smashers come in for their shoot, the comfort is established and we can quickly begin! I had completed the decor when they arrived to  visit. Mum was thrilled and I have to say – it was flawless…. the perfect shade of purple, mixed with florals and a vintage touch here and there was the cherry on top.

During our visit, I always pull out my cake smash wardrobe options. I love to shop for adorable outfits for these sessions, and my client’s love not worrying about finding the right outfit for their little one, or go home with an outfit covered in cake! I take care of all that for you.  Mum selected two perfect outfits that had a little vintage feel to them and would look exceptional in photos.

Play dates and Soul-Food…

The ‘Meet and Greet’ visit with Mum and birthday babe was incredible. We had awesome conversations and it felt like we had known one another for ages. That’s my kind of soul food for sure. It fills my heart with so much love and joy. Side note and speaking of soul food, I was thrilled to find out that Mum and her family own one of my all time favourite restaurants here in Kitchener.  (If you’re into amazing food that’s good for your soul, you must eat here!)  Little girl just scooted around the studio happy as a lark. She warmed up so quickly and even came up to me and gave me smiles and attention! I was basically wrapped around her little finger at that point. Little did I know it was about to get even betterrrr….

Cue photoshoot day!

Ladies and Gentleman – I think I have found the world’s happiest baby. That’s a huge statement for sure because I have had a LOT of super cute, happy babies in the studio, but ummmm can I please have some of what she is having?? Can I just say that the amount of *JOY* that this girl packs is next level.

It felt like Christmas or my birthday every second of this photoshoot. Little girl didn’t quite smiling, or making adorable little scrunchie-smile-faces. My heart was blowing up and bursting. I was squealing, and probably sounded like a crazy person because I just knew how epic this session was going to turn out in their photos. I always get a kick out of *knowing* what these images are going to look like while I’m capturing them, but that client’s kinda have no clue except that their baby is heckin’ cute, turning one, and looking pretty perfect in the backdrop/set I’ve created. Cake Smashes are just such such a fun experience. For babes, for parents, for meeeee. lol

Anyhoo. 10/10 would do this again. I didn’t want to let them leave the studio, that’s how amazing this session was. This little birthday princess set a new record for the size of gallery I delivered. Was it a ridiculous amount of images? Yes. Totally overboard? Also yes. Completely necessary? Abso-freaking-lutely. It may even have been a borderline overwhelming amount of images, lol. Sorry Mum.

In summary

Here you go. Take a look and tell me I’m crazy, but here is what I believe to be the worlds happiest baby, just living her best life, and rocking all the birthday vibes.


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