Kitchener Newborn Session with Baby Aadhav!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Welcoming Summer and a perfect little newborn boy

We did it y’all! We made it to Summer 2022. And in the Kitchener/Waterloo region, it’s coming in spicy. Today feels like its 40 degrees, which for some fair-weather Canadians, is hotter than all get out. My 3rd floor studio in Kitchener, while I love it – gets pretty hot the summer. Lucky for newborn photographers, our little VIP newborn clients need it to be toasty for their newborn session. So although the adults are sweating like mad, the wee babes are SO comfortable. It actually really helps with their session when they are cozy and comfortable. They’re pretty content to snooze and generally miss out on the whole party.

Making new friends

I’m dying to introduce to you my sweetest new friend. He was just a tiny little peanut at the time of his newborn session and it really made me realize what massive babies I had myself! Just barely 6lbs of perfection came into the studio and I think my assistant and I both gasped when we saw his beautiful face. We gasped again when we saw his incredible head of hair! If there’s one thing newborn photographers drool over, its a nice head of hair on a newborn baby, lol. Don’t get me started on babies with thick cheeks and lashes, and rolls…

Blessings from the universe…

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… I’m blessed with some spectacular clients. My job is a special kind of job. It’s special that I’ve been entrusted to capture  important memories for families to cherish and pass down one day. This gorgeous family came to me by chance. They had initially booked a session elsewhere, but scheduling conflicts came up. Which is how I got to be the lucky one to photograph them. We had such great conversation. I even had the honour of meeting Gramma who was here from abroad to visit and help with her new grandson. We agreed it was the universe who willed it to be, and we discussed baby boy’s future sessions at the studio. I fall deeper in love with my job every minute I spend with such authentic, kind souls. And that’s exactly who this family was – genuinely lovely people.

Hello old friend!

Nothing fills my heart with joy more than that “old friend” feeling. You know the feeling I’m talking about… like you’ve been pals for years and you’re just picking up where you left off. Connecting with my clients means a lot to me. I feel like it translates directly into the photographs we make, and fills them with love and emotion.  In turn, I hope my clients will forever get the warm and fuzzies when they look at their photographs.

But onward… without further ado, I introduce to you this tiny little boy who I completely fell in love with. I couldn’t have enjoyed photographing his and his family more. And I especially can’t wait to see who he grows up to be. And I certainly can’t wait to have another special visit with this baby boy’s awesome Mum and Dad.



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