About Danielle Herakovic

I’m very proud to serve the good people of Kitchener Waterloo and surroudings. My photography journey started in 2007 assisting my husband photographing weddings, building and forging our little company forward. I continuously learned more and my photography education grew over the years photographing the beautiful world of weddings, families and children. Towards the end of 2017, my heart started to point me in other directions, and I knew that transitioning exclusively to studio was where I wanted to be. While I did have 2 other studios before landing in my current space, I really consider my life under the “family” umbrella of photography to have truly commenced in 2017.

I’m extremely proud of where I am today and the work I create. The people I share time with in the studio fill me with so much joy and being a small part of people’s memories is a great honour. There is something about watching children and families grow and evolve together that means a lot to me. I know how quickly time goes by and capturing an exact moment of time in someone’s life, and creating a visual document of who they were at that second feels so special.

When I look back on the journey that photography has taken me over the years, I can see the evolution of finding myself and my place in the world, the personal growth and all the incredible opportunities I’ve had. The only thing that comes to mind when I think about it is: “Wow. I’m SO LUCKY”. Mostly, I marvel at how blessed I am to have found a job that is incredibly fulfilling in so many different ways. The creativity, the people, and the love is what keeps me passionate and having fun every day. I look forward to looking back in another 10-15 years and feeling equally blessed, knowing that I left my mark in the way of beautiful, happy memories for so many beautiful, happy people.

If you are someone I have been fortunate to have already photographed – thanks. Thanks for being a part of MY story, MY memories and MY journey. If we have yet to meet and spend time together making memories…. I can’t wait. I know it’s going to be amazing and I’m excited to see what we create together that will become a part of your life story.

Memories You Can Feel

Relive every special moment all over again through photos you can feel. Let’s create our own little time capsule of love through the images we create together.

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